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  Misty (Retired)

Yardley Labs Ms T-Maxx ***(FC AFC High Tech CEO x Deep Run Morning Star) is a strong, intensely focused, but very sweet black Lab that became officially Qualified All Age by winning the Labrador Retriever Club Qualifying trial at Elkton. MD on 9/25/2011. Misty retrieved her first pheasant when she was 10 weeks old, dragging it back almost 30 yards. By five months she was doing water retrieves at more than 200 yards and at seven months passed the first two legs of her AKC Junior Hunter title before beginning her formal training. Now 4 years old, Misty has been training at the all age level. She was out of training for almost a year and just went back to Bill Thompson, her trainer, for a tune up and to run just a few trials this fall. With only three weeks of work, Bill got her through her first Qualifying win. Around the house, Misty is sweet and well behaved. In her ideal world, Misty would train every day and sleep in my bed every night. Misty has now retired fro both breeding and competing an her March 2015 litter was her last. However, if I am at home, she will never be far from my side.

Misty's Derby was interrupted first with a 6" cut to a rear leg in training and again when she went into heat and then had a false pregnancy. Just as she was coming back, she fractured two front toes and was unable to train or compete for for a month. Despite that she managed a JAM in her final Derby in Maryland. She earned a total of six derby points with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishes along with four Judges Awards of Merit (JAMs). Her competitive record is:

5/2/2008 - Maryland Retriever Club Derby - JAM
5/9/2008 - Westchester Retriever Club Derby - JAM
5/16/2008 - Long Island RFTC Derby - Second
5/23/2008 - Del Bay Retriever Club Derby - JAM
6/8/2008 - Swamp Dog Retriever Club Derby - Fourth
9/26/2008 - Maine Retriever Trial Club Derby - Third
10/26/2008 - Women's Field Trail Club (MD) Derby - JAM
6/6/2009 - Keystone Retriever Club AKC Senior Test - Pass
10/24/2009 - Susquehanna RC AKC Senior Test - Pass
3/12/2010 - North Florida Amateur RC - Qualifying - Fourth
4/30/2010 - Labrador Retriever Club - Qualifying - Res. JAM
5/28/2010 - DelBay Retriever Club - Qualifying - JAM
9/25/2011 - Labrador Retriever Club - Qualifying - First

Of 30 dogs in Misty's four generation pedigree, 26 are hunt titled or qualified all age: nine are national champions (with 13 national championships), and 17 are field champions. Click on her name above in red to see Misty's five generation pedigree. Misty has OFA Excellent hips (as did her parents and 3/4 of her grandparents), OFA normal elbows and eyes, and is EIC and CNM clear.

AKC#: SR39682301
Color: Black (BYC)
DoB: 1/10/2007
OFA Hips: Excellent LR-179951E25F-VPI
PennHIP: 90th Percentile (0.33/0.29)
OFA Elbows: LR-EL42401F25-VPI Normal
CERF Eyes: CERF LR-51273 (7/23/07) Normal
CNM: LR-CNM09-379-F-PI - Clear
EIC: Clear LR-EIC18/18F-VPI
Weight: 64 pounds (training), 70 pounds house



Litter Born 3/10/2015

Hudson x Misty

  Misty Mae running  
  misty misty - 410 yard retrieve