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AFC Rebel Ridge Brace for Impact
Yardley Labs Ms T-Maxx QAA
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Black and Yellow Puppies
Born 3/10/2015
All Pups Have Been Committed

Sire: AFC Rebel Ridge Brace for Impact (Hudson) is a six year old black Labrador Retiever who earned his Amateur Field Champion title with a win a win at the Maryland Retriever Club Spring trial on May 2, 2015, Hudson was sired by NAFC FC Cody Cut a Lean Grade out of FC AFC Carolina's Acoustic Storm (Sister). In addition to his own performance record, Grady has sired nine field champions, including his son, who succeeded Grady as the National Amateur Field Champion in 2012. Sister's first litter sired by Grady produced three field champions and several qualified all age field trial dogs as five year olds.

AKC#: SR53718005

Color: Black (BY)
DoB: 12/14/2008
OFA Hips: LR-195476E35M-VPI, Excellent
OFA Elbows: LR-EL52940M35-VPI Normal
CERF Eyes: LR-364637
CNM: Clear
EIC: Clear
Weight: 85 pounds

Dam: Yardley Labs Ms T-Maxx*** (Misty) is a seven year old daughter of FC AC High Tech CEO (Gates), who comes from one of the most successful Labrador litters of all time, a breeding between 2xNAFC FC 2xCNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac and NAFC FC Hattie McBunn. Six of the pups from Gates' litter went on to become field champions. They, in turn, have sired or given birth to another 37 field champions including 11 sired by Gates. At 64 pounds when at training weight, Misty is a powerful and beautiful black Lab who is always eager to retrieve, play, or snuggle. She is quiet in the house, and wonderful with other pets. She loves children and is very gentle, although her youthful energy and size can sometimes intimidate smaller children until they realize that she will follow their commands. In the field she is focused and eager. Her line manners are excellent, and her blinds and marks solid.

Misty ran field trials at the Derby level in 2008 and accumulated six points with second, third and fourth place finishes along with four Judges Awards of Merit (JAMs) despite being unable to compete for most of the latter part of her eligibility because of two freak injuries and a false pregnancy. Misty became qualified all age by winning the Labrador Retriever Club Qualifying in Elkton, MD in the fall of 2011. Misty's hips are rated OFA Excellent with PennHIP scores placing her in the 90th percentile for Labs. Her elbows are OFA Normal, her eyes are clear of genetic defects, and she is CNM and EIC clear. Based on parentage, all puppies in this litter will be both CNM and EIC Clear. Most of the puppies in this litter are expected to be black with the possibility of some yellows.

AKC#: SR39682301
Color: Black (BYC)
DoB: 1/10/2007
OFA Hips: Excellent LR-179951E25F-VPI
PennHIP: 90th Percentile (0.33/0.29)
OFA Elbows: LR-EL42401F25-VPI Normal
CERF Eyes: CERF LR-51273 (7/23/07) Normal
CNM: Clear - LR-CNM09-379-F-PI
EIC: Clear LR-EIC18/18F-VPI
Weight: 64 pounds (training) 70 pounds (house)

Pups from this litter should be capable of performing competitively in field trials and hunt tests (27/30 ancestors in the first four generations are titled/QAA in retriever performance events, including 13/14 in first 3 generations, with a total of 7 national champions and 10 other field champions). They should also make outstanding hunting dogs and companions around the house. These pups should be highly athletic and need families that will provide them with training and lots of exercise. Pups are covered by a 28 month guarantee against genetic problems of hips, elbows, eyes, CNM (Centronuclear Myopathy) and EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) as well as a general guarantee that they are in good health at the time of delivery. Pups will have dew claws removed, be vet examined and have initial shots, and be well socialized with children, adults, and other animals. Pups are likely to be about 65-75 pounds for females and 75-85 pounds for males when fully grown, assuming they are kept in good physical shape.

Eight puppies were born in this litter: five black males, one black female, and two yellow females. All puppies from this litter have been committed. Pups began leaving for their new homes on April 28, 2015.



At 5 1/2 Weeks...

Here are some pictures of the pups at about 5 1/2 weeks when new owners made their final selections. Also a picture of the two yellow females at 7 1/2 weeks.



BM5 and BM8 BM5


BF4 & YF3 YF7 & YF3


At One Week...

The first picture shows all the pups. The two yellow pups at the top and the black on the right with a little bit of white collar showing are the three girls in the litter. The other five are the boys. Following the first picture, all the pups are shown in the following order: BM1 (black male 1, meaning the first pup born) in a blue collar, BM2,BM5, BM6,BM8, and then YF3 (yellow female 3) and YF7 together in one picture, followed by BF4. To see larger images, open the image in a separate window.

HudsonxMisty Litter




YF3 & YF7 BF4

All the pups are doing well. They had their first vet visit at two days during which each pup was checked to be sure it was in good health and the pups' dew claws were removed. As of ten days, the smallest pup, BM1, began to walk. It is actually pretty common for the smaller pups in a litter to develop more quickly than the largest. It seems that the largest pups grab a nipple and just hold on, eating as much as they want. The smaller ones have to fight a little harder for access and end up developing their other skills a little bit faster. As they approach two weeks of age, the pups eyes are also just beginning to show signs of opening.



Happy Birthday...

Minutes before the last puppy was born...

Misty began serious labor in the early afternoon and had her first pup shortly before 6pm. Things went smoothly, and seven pups were born by 9 pm. While I couldn't get a clear feel for it, I believed there was another puppy hiding in there somewhere. I gave her a shot of oxytocin to stimulate contractions, but nothing came. A little over two hours later I decided I must be wrong. I let Misty out of the box to drink and go outside. However, when she was outside I decided there was another pup coming. At 11:30 pm, with no obvious reaction from Misty, I noticed a puppy's legs sticking out. I intervened to help with the exit and puppy number eight was born. Five black males, two yellow females, and one black female, ranging in weight from 12-16 ounces. All the puppies seem perfect and are nursing well. Misty and I both stayed up all night to make sure nothing would happen and this morning they are stil looking good. Tomorrow the vet will come to check out all the pups and to remove their dew claws. Hopefully Misty and I will be able to get a little sleep.

Misty 2015

Less than 1 minute old Time to rest


The Parents




Misty - SRRC Qual
Misty - SRRC Qual

Misty DelBay Derby



Puppy Selection Time, Prior Litters


Black Male #1 (BM1)



















*** Photos of Pups from Misty's Prior Litters ***

Shadow Lanse

Stormy Shadow

Shadow Lanse