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Rebel Ridge Willie Wonka Do It MH QAA
Truenorth Shady Sadie JH
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Mae and Duncan




Sadie pup


All Chocolate Litter
Born January 20, 2012
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Sire: Rebel Ridge Willie Wonka Do It MH ***. Willie is a young, athletic and good looking chocolate son of FC AFC High Tech CEO (Gates) out of Waterstrike's Zoomerang Zoe MH. Gates was an extremely successful field trial champion, with 132 all-age points before he retired at the age of 10 1/2, and came ot of one of the most successful litters in field trial history: the breeding of 2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac out of NAFC FC Hattie McBunn, which produced six field trial champions. Willie was on the national derby list with 14 derby points. At the age of five, he is currently running field trials at the all-age level following a first place win at the LRC Qualifying trial on 8/14/2011, making him "Qualified All Age". He ran as test dog at the 2011 Master National competition and is currently participating in NAHRA events.

AKC#: SR37127001
DoB: 8/26/2006
OFA Hips: LR-177244G24M-VPI Good
OFA Elbows: LR-EL40706M24-VPI Normal
CERF Eyes: Normal (Not filed)
CNM Clear
EIC: Carrier
Weight: About 70 pounds

Dam: Truenorth Shady Sadie Sadie is 60 pounds of pure muscle, energy, and personality. In the house, she is quiet and neat. She prefers sleeping in my bed or lying on the sofa. Tummy rubs are heaven and she occasionally likes to climb into my lap for a snuggle. She’ll nuzzle, but never licks your face. Outside she likes to play and her favorite game is retrieving. She never heard a gun or retrieved a real bird until she was almost three. Two weeks later she was retrieving pheasants and ducks at 100+ yards and looked excitedly for birds whenever she heard a gun. Four months later she was retrieving moderately complex, 100+ yard doubles with solid marking and great style whether on land or water. Sadie has earned her AKC Junior Hunter (JH) title. Her life is more relaxed now as I have focused more of my energies on some of my younger competitive prospects. However, Sadie remains my favorite among my pups and always get first choice on the bed.

AKC#: SR18443002
DoB: 6/15/2004
OFA Hips: LR-162860G26F-PI – Good
PennHIP: 80th Percentile (0.39/0.30)
OFA Elbows: LR-EL32438F26-PI – Normal
CERF Eyes: LR-46726 Normal (2006,2007)
EIC: LR-EIC17/49F-VPI Clear
CNM: (LR-CNM06-882-F-PI Clear
Weight: 60 pounds

Pups from this litter should be capable of performing well in hunt tests. They should also make excellent hunting dogs and companions around the house. They are unlikely to be suitable for families that will not provide them with basic training and lots of exercise (something I would say about all well bred Labs). Pups from the first litter have been some of the sweetest dogs I have known and are great with kids. Pups are covered by a 28 month guarantee against genetic problems of hips, elbows or eyes as well as a general guarantee that they are in good health at the time of delivery. They are guaranteed not to be affected by genetic disorders known as Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) or Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM). Pups will receive early neurological stmulation. They will have dew claws removed, be vet examined and have initial shots, and be well socialized with children, adults, and other animals. They will be exposed to birds, crates, travel in vehicles, and leashes and collars. Exposure to water depends on weather conditions, but is unlikely if things are frozen. A $300 deposit is required to reserve a pup. Puppy pictures on this page are from Sadie's prior litters.




As far as I can tell from my experience, dogs retain almost no connection to their littermates after they have gone to their new homes. If they meet again after six months, it is as strangers (which, with Labs, still makes them butt-sniffing buddies). However, for the few weeks that they are together, littermates are critically important in teaching each other how to play, how to stand up for themselves, and how to be compassionate. Maybe humans would benefit if we were born in larger litters also...



Something in Your Eyes...

Puppies have had their vet examinations (all passed perfectly), their shots, and have had microchips inserted. In one more week they will be headed for their new homes. As a breeder, that is always an event with mixed emotions. The pups are now at an age when they are fun to play with and be around. I will miss that when they are gone. But I love seeing them with their new families, and I certainly don't miss their abilities to produce two pounds of waste and mess for every pound of food they eat. This is Sadie's last litter, and she certainly decided to do it right.

It feels like home

The Gallery: Five Weeks

By holding your mouse pointer over the image, you can see each puppy's identifier (e.g., CF1 for chocolate female number one). As of five weeks, puppies range in weight from 3 1/4 pounds (CF6) to 8 1/2 pounds (CF8). As is fairly typical at this age, the smaller puppies are a little more feisty, from having to battle harder for food, while the bigger pups are a little more lay back in attitude. That doesn't necessarily tell anything about their future behavior, but is fun to watch. Pups are just starting to spend more time outside now that the weather is a little milder (hopefully that will hold) and they are better able to maintain their own body temperatures. It's a good thing, since they are all experts at waste production and getting them out of the house is the only way to get their pen thoroughly clean...

CM7 and CM2 CF4




Now we are two weeks old: eyes open, walking, and seeing the outside for the first time...

Welcome to the World....

Sadie 2012 - CF3

When you're three days old, it's hard to decide whether meal time or sleep time is best.

Eating, sleeping - Day 3

Eating, sleeping - Day 3

It's been a long day following a very long night. Time to rest. We're here.

Sadie and Pups

Pups - 1 day


  Willie Willie  
  Willie Willie  

Pups From Prior Willie x Sadie Litter

Kensi' s First Geese  CF5

On her first goose hunt at 9 months, Kensi (CF5 on the right) retrieved five geese, including two fighting cripples.


Pups From Sadie and Willie's Last Litter Together


CF2, CM7, CF1 CF3 and CF1









CF8 CM7 and CF2




CF1 ??

CM7 and CM6 CM7