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Cypreesknees Ramblin Mae JH - Retired from Breeding

(2xNAFC FC Candlewood's Ramblin Man
x Cropper's Miss Malarky MH ***)

Mae Photo

Mae With Boy


Cypreesknees Ramblin Mae is the daughter of 2xNAFC FC Candlewood's Ramblin Man and granddaughter of NAFC FC MD's Cotton Pick'n Cropper. At 60 pounds, Mae is a compact, beautiful yellow Lab who is always eager to retrieve or play. She is quiet in the house, and wonderful with children and other pets. In the field she is focused and eager. Her line manners are excellent, her blinds solid, and she does well with both double and triple retrieves.

Mae now runs at a senior level and should complete her AKC senior hunter title this year (currently has three passes) and hopefully move on to run at the Master Hunter level and in Qualifying field trials. Mae has passed three legs of her HRC Hunting Retriever (Seasoned) title. Two of Mae's siblings have achieved "qualified all age" status in field trials -- one, Illini's Miss Tara, competed in the 2009 National Amateur Retriever Championship -- and another littermate has passed 19 Master Hunter tests at the age of four and qualified in the 2007 and 2008 Master National hunt tests. Mae's hips are rated OFA Excellent, her elbows are rated OFA Normal, her eyes are clear of genetic defects, and she is EIC and CNM clear.

AKC#: SR13346301
UKC#: R172-036 (as Cypress Knees Ramblin Mae)
DoB: 12/11/2003
OFA Hips: LR-158052E26F-PI Excellent
OFA Elbows: LR-EL40429F55-VPI Normal
CERF Eyes: LR-47201 Normal (2006,2008)
EIC: Clear (D08-040788)
CNM: LR-CNM08-280-F-PI Clear
Weight: 60 pounds

Mae retired from breeding after having a few litters sired by FC AFC Small Craft Advisory. She remained a wonderful and loving companion until she passed quietly at the age of 12 1/2 having never once lost the sparkle in her eyes. Rest in peace my beautiful girl.


  Mae entering water Mae running  
  Maw with bumper Mae in water