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Yardley Labs Bella Marca
Rest in Peace
(FC AFC Small Craft Advisory x Cypreesknees Ramblin Mae JH))




Mae Photo
Mom (Mae)

Mae With Boy
Dad (Rough)


Our dogs never leave our hearts, forever able to bring both a smile and a tear.....

Yardley Labs Bella Marca (Beautiful Mark) was the daughter of our own Cypreesknees Ramblin Mae (2xNAFC FC Candlewood's Ramblin Man x Cropper's Miss Malarky MH ***) by FC AFC Small Craft Advisory (FC AFC Teddy's Ebonstar James x FC-AFC Dutchman Gold Midnite Eve MH). Bella was a beautiful yellow Lab female who was always eager to retrieve or play. Bella stayed with me until until she was about 8 months old, at which point she went to live with and be trained by co-owner Diane Twesten of Dharma Dogs/Blue Springs Kennel In addition to being a wonderful, loving and always playful young girl, Bella showed real talent in retrieving once she began to settle down enough to let good sense govern her exuberance. Bella spent her winters with me and the rest of the time with Diane. In the fall of 2012 it was clear that she would be ready for competition the following summer. Her genetic clearances were good, and we decided that we would breed her for the first time that winter, depending only on when she went into heat.

Sadly, that was not to be. On Saturday evening, March 9, 2013, I included Bella in a photo shoot with a young model. Bella was energetic and happy to play the game. The next morning, though, she only ate a small amount of food and later than evening, refused her dinner. Monday morning I tried to entice her with eggs and hamburger, but she would eat nothing. I took her to the vet immediately, and a few hours later we moved her to the emergency referral center. Her kidneys were failing rapidly. It was clearly not genetic and clearly not the result of Leptospirosis or anti-freeze poisoning. The vets believed that it might have been Lyme related nephritis, but before the actual cause could be determined, at 10:30am, March 12, 2013, Bella was gone, leaving a huge hole in our hearts that still hurts today, more than two years after her passing.

Rest in Peace my beautiful Bella.

AKC#: SR58078810
DoB: 08/31/2009
OFA Hips: Good - LR-198324G32F-VPI
OFA Elbows: Normal - LR-EL55019F32-VPI
CERF Eyes: Normal
EIC: Clear by parentage
CNM: Clear by parentage
Weight: 55 pounds


Bella - RIP